Friday, July 15, 2005

اطفال الالف دار

اكتب من بغداد الجريحه . الاجواء مشحونه بالاسى بعد حادثة بغداد الجديده التي راح ضحيتها العشرات من اطفال هذا البلد
"ناموا احبابي ناموا نوم الهنه نومتكم"
هكذا خاطب فنان الشعب كاظم من قضوا في ملجاء العامريه فكيف سينعي اطفال الالف دار ؟؟
ما انفكت اجيالنا المتعاقبه تذوق طعم الاسى والمرار ولاربعة اجيال متتاليه: جيل مواليد الخمسينات والستينات ..قضوا في حرب تافهة ضروس مع ايران. جيل مواليد الثمانينات ..قضوا في حرب الكويت والحصار الاقتصادي الطويل . وهاهو جيل الالفيه يذوق نفس الالم في هذه الحرب .
اما ان لشعب هذا البلد ان يستريح؟ وان يبني مستقبله ويعمر هذه الارض؟ وما كل هذه الويلات التي مرت بنا الا من سوء تدبير من قاد هذا البلد لعقود ثلاث باسلوب تافه لم يبالي ابدا بمصلحة الشعب ولم يضح من اجله ابدا لابل كان لطالما يدعو الناس للموت في سبيل الوطن في حين انه اختباء كالجرذ في حفرته المشؤومه تلك .
الله ياهذا الوطن شمسوي بيه الله

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A scene from the Iraqi nightmare

In one of the most tragedian and horrifying accidents of what is going on in Iraq now-a-days is what happened to my younger brother Marouf, age 45.
He was so peaceful man, so kind, so real believer in God and his wills.
He served his country for all his life. after those dam usless wars of saddam and after a long long endless military sevice, get married and starts his own civilian life, struggling to build himself and to catch the train!
After many jobs he tried as a carpenter, as a taxi driver he settled as a junior retailer of poultry requirements in central Baghdad.
Got four kids, two daughter and two sons, the oldest is 8 years old, the youngest is just 4 months old.
A week ago some local militia forces, well trained and equipped arrested him at daylight from his own shop. Two days later it seems that some kidnappers are asking some ransom for his release, a just 50,000 $!! A number far beyond his capability.
We as his family gathered and prepared that sum. My older brother negotiated with the kidnappers, trying to down that sum but now way, Marouf was begging him by cell phone to pay it as a loan and he will sell his own little house to pay that loan back if this nightmare goes to an end.
Finally we paid it and the kidnappers assured us that they will release Marouf and he will be at home at 1500 hour Sunday 12Th of may .But….
Instead of that, some people found his body thrown on the gate of a Sunni mosque to the east of that dame cursed Baghdad!! Yes, they murdered him after horribly torturing him and broke his hand with some burning signs on his body by two bullets in the face. What barbarian and savages they were?
Yes the killed him after they get the ransom they asked and after they tortured him leaving behind him a widow and Four kids joining to the ever increasing Iraqi war orphans list and a debt of 50,000$.
This is a scene from the new Iraq!! After 27 months from the end of the military operations. This is a scene from the Gate of Hell opened wide and so wide in our country.
No one knows who they are, and why they did what they done.
Marouf and his family were victims foe some Sheii Moslems (and Islam is completely innocent from them) extremists called" Badir Forces" .and Iranian organized, funded and supported terrorists. who starts to terminate any Sunni Moslems how denies the dominating rules of them from the former military officers , Baath party members ,professors, doctors and normal civilians like Marouf.
After this long time from the war, death with its red and black colors is the only dominating features of live in Iraq. No one can assure his safe back home journey if he left his home for even to the nearby bakery!
Above all the Multi national forces are still wondering in the cities of Iraq making their bodies target to the oppositions who will be so glad if they killed one MNF military guys even with causing some100 Iraqi causalities!!
Wonder when they will leave the main cities and stay just in camps of forts??
Oh My Dear Brother! How savages where your murderers? And How Big and heavy responsibility been added on me to look after your orphans? And I will do .this will be a word of honor.
May Almighty let your soul stay in Peace?
Your ever sincere brother